Product News
PV System
2012/9/10Jalpower participate Soalr power international in Orlando , USA
2012/5/30Jalpower participate Computex 2012 in Taipei , Taiwan
2012/3/5Jalpower participate Cebit exhibition 2012 in Hannover , Germany
2011/6/1Jalpower participate Computex exhibition in Taipei , Taiwan.
2011/5/10Jalpower release high efficiency poly 270W solar module
2011/3/2Jalpower participate Cebit exhibition 2011 in Hannover , Germany
2010/6/10Jalpower participate Computer exhibition in Taipei , Taiwan.
2010/4/18Jalpower introduce Mono 230W solar module
2009/11/10Jalpower release Poly 230W solar module
2009/7/28Jalpower provide higher power light source of solar & Wind LED lights.
2009/5/18Jalpower attend Computer exhibition 2009 in Taipei , Taiwan.
2009/3/20Jalpower join Intersolar exhibition 2009 in Munchen , Germany.
2009/1/20Jalpower join CeBit exhibition 2009 in Hannover , Germany.
2008/12/18Jalpower extend Solar power inverter(Aquarius series) from 1.5K up to 500K.
2008/6/13Jalpower provide new type of LED fixture for Solar LED lights(Gemini series)
2008/5/8Jalpower attend Computer exhibition 2008 in Taipei , Taiwan.
2008/2/27Jalpower join CeBit exhibition 2008? in Hannover , Germany.
2008/2/25Jalpower battery provide higher power density and long back up time.
2007/8/17Introduces an high efficiency Affordable solar module(Capricorn series).
2007/5/25Jalpower attend Computer exhibition 2007 ?in Taipei , Taiwan.
2007/3/1Jalpower join CeBit exhibition 2007 in Hannover , Germany.
2007/1/10Certified Partner Program for Distributors announced.
2006/8/20New Solar power inverter(Aquarius series) is available
2006/4/10Jalpower announces new line of Solar & Wind power LED street lights(Gemini series) for residential & commercial market.
UPS Systems
2012/5/28Jalpower release new design of JP 7745 3 phase in , single phase out UPS
2011/7/20Jalpower upgrade output power factor to 0.8 for JP 5530 series
2010/9/10Jalpower release new SNMP communication card
2009/11/30Jalpower release JP 5530 series 1000VA/2000VA/3000VA 120V On Line Rack Mount UPS
2009/4/6Jalpower release JP 5530 series 1000VA/2000VA/3000VA 120V On Line UPS
2008/12/19Jalpower release JP 1120 series 1000VA/1500VA 120V Stepwave UPS
2008/7/14Jalpower release JP 1120 series 600VA /800VA 120V Stepwave UPS
2008/3/28Jalpower release JP 7745 series 3 phase in , single phase out 15K/20KVA On Line UPS
2007/2/26Jalpower introduce JP 7745 series 3 phase in , single phase out 10KVA ON Line UPS
2006/4/10Jalpower release JP 5300 series 6000VA/10000VA Rack Mount UPS
2005/10/3Jalpower release JP 5530 series 1000VA/2000VA/3000VA Rack Mount UPS
2005/1/18Jalpower release JP 5530 series 6000VA/10000VA On Line UPS
2004/3/22Jalpower introduce JP 5530 series 1000VA/2000VA/3000VA , 230V On Line UPS
2003/5/7Jalpower release JP 3325 series 1000VA/2000VA/3000VA , 230V Rack Mount UPS
2002/8/20Jalpower introduce JP 3325 series 1000VA/2000VA/3000VA , 230V Sinewave UPS
2001/12/20Jalpower release JP 1120 series 1000VA/1500VA , 230V Stepwave UPS
2001/5/16Jalpower introduce JP 1120 series 600VA/800VA , 230V Stepwave UPS
Exhibition News

2013 Trade Show Schedule
5-9 March 2013

Computex TAIPEI 2013
4. - 8. June 2013

CeBit 2011
March 01 ~ 05, 2011

Computex TAIPEI 2011
May 31 ~ June 4, 2011

InterSolar 2011
June 8 ~ 10, 2011

InterSolar 2011
July 12 ~ 14, 2011